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Our Story

Dim sum is a chinese cuisine that delight the palate and capture the imagination but yet require many detailed culinary skills to be made to perfection.

I am inspired to begin my career in the Dim Sum cuisine since young by my father’s dim sum restaurant in Sungai Petani.

To become a better chef in dim sum cuisine, I went on to work as a chef in many hotels and cruise ships, as well as western confectioneries. The many years of prominent experiences has helped me to establish the success of Maxim Gourmet in the Chinese cuisine market.

The establishment of Maxim Gourmet was accelerated when I met my wife, Mdm Tan Mui Hoon. Her family’s business in seafood supply ensured the steady sources of Dim Sum ingredients with highest quality. At 2004, together with my wife, we founded a Halal Certified food supply business focusing on major hotels, restaurants, and cruises.  The company was well received by our customers because of its superior quality and price.

At 2005, we founded our first Dim Sum specialty restaurant, Maxim Dim Sum located at Taman Pekaka in Penang Island. At the beginning phase, our business was facing difficulties as a new startup Dim Sum restaurant. However, we remained faithful to our philosophy in not compromising our food quality. We insisted that our Dim Sum would be made fresh daily and never resell the overnight leftover. Our persistent belief in delivering fine quality Dim Sum has helped us to overcome the difficult situations by slowly gaining good customer review. Our business improved greatly ever since.

At 2007, we have adopted Central Kitchen method to support Maxim Gourmet expansion. Central management approach has resulted in better resources utilization, and more importantly on the quality control. With detailed planning, we have launched our new Hong Kong Style Café Restaurant Max Gourmet to target younger customers that favour Hong Kong cuisine. Max Gourmet has successfully gained popularity amongst food lovers by offering a wide variety of western and chinese fusion food, dim sum and hot food.

Currently, Maxim group operates five restaurants in Penang at main locations and continue to be recognised as the icon of Dim Sum locally.